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Welcome to
Rio Bravo Ranch

Preserving the beauty of this southern California oasis and growing premium produce are the tenets that guide the Rio Bravo Ranch today and into the future.

California Grown,
Organic Olive Oil

We grow seven olive varietals where the foothills of the Southern Sierras meet the banks of the Kern River. Our oil is rich in flavor and nutrients. You will taste the difference!

Nickel Family Wine:
Vines from our Heritage

Our Zinfandel grapes are grown at the heart of a sprawling tomato, melon, and almond farm outside Dos Palos, California. Every bottle we produce carries a tradition of stewardship and love for California farming.


Check out everything the Rio Bravo Ranch has to offer. Start with our olives, grown right here in California.


We grow seven olive cultivars from which we press and bottle Californian extra virgin olive oil.


The Nickel family’s roots in California farming were planted in the 1850s. Read our story.


On ancestral land we now grow and produce a selection of full bodied California Zinfandels.


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Our Olives

There is a California extra virgin olive oil for every palate. The range of climates and olive varieties allows for blends unique to California. These oils represent not only the incredible spectrum of flavors available in the olive, but also the agricultural and environmental diversity of California.

Our Southern Spanish and Italian Olive Cultivars were carefully selected to match the dry heat of the Southern Central Valley. On the banks of Kern River we grow Coratina, Picual, Nocellara de Belice, Pendolino, Frantoio, Ascolana, and Maurino Olives.

studies into the health benefits of olive oil have found that it can lower the risk of coronary heart disease by reducing blood cholesterol levels. According to one study, a person’s risk of fatal heart attack is halved in just two to four years once they switch to ‘the Mediterranean diet’, which includes using olive oil as the main dietary fat, increasing vegetable intake, and limiting meat and dairy foods.