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Rio Bravo Ranch EVOO Club


We are excited to be back for the second year of the Rio Bravo Ranch EVOO Club. Through the Club we hope to be able to illustrate the distinct flavors of the different olives we grow, and share each olives profound flavor and awesome nutritional value with our customers.

Order now, and we will send you all three of our recently released extra virgin olive oils, and in the Fall, immediately following harvest, we will send you two bottles of fresh-pressed, unfiltered olive oil days after it has been milled. Our Coratina, Picual and Miller’s Reserve have been perennial award-winners at the premier California olive oil competitions and all are certified organic, extra virgin. As for the freshly pressed, unfiltered oil we will send you in the fall, you will have to taste it to believe it. Fresh “olio nuovo,” as it is know in Italy, will change the way you think about olive oil.

Club members will also receive a 10% discount code that can be used on all future orders, and have access to our 1 gallon jugs, which are an ideal (and economic) way to refill your Rio Bravo Ranch olive oil.